New craftiness

Last night I found an old unfinished project that was supposed to be a hand bound book, but it had lain forgotten in a bin with fabric scraps partly finished. I had stripped the cover off a leather bound journal, and sewn faux leather around it like a sleeve to create a rectangular mess. It isn’t badly sewn, but it needs to be reworked. My collected pieces have made it clear that They are not happy sitting on my bedside table in a recycled paper gift box, They want a proper home.

So I have been stripping all the cardboard, foam, and stitching off the black leather, and I am trying to figure out how to scrape it clean to allow for all the junk to be removed to use it for a bag. The faux leather is still sewn into a roughly pouch-shaped bag, but I think I might pull the whole thing apart to use the pieces in an alternating pattern of rich brown and black for a more elaborate home for my treasures. Blegh, I don’t know what to call Them, a nickname hasn’t been given to me yet, even though so many keep shouting at me to add Them into the collection so They can talk to me.

Maybe once I get Their bag done then I can sit down with Them to figure out what each one represents. Some have explicitly said what They mean, others have remained silent, as if awaiting certain offerings or gifts before They speak up.

About darkbookworm13

I am a proud mom to 3 beautiful girls, and married to the love of my life. I have been a practicing Witch since the summer of 2003, having studied many different paths over the years, ranging from Wicca, Goddess only worship (courtesy of StarHawk), Eclectic Paganism, Kitchen Witchcraft, Norse Paganism, Hearthcraft, Spiritual Luciferianism, and more. I have worked with the Futhark runes, Brian Froud's Faeries Oracle deck, Tarot decks, and I am currently working on a customized divination set based on collected items. I like to work with herbs, and gardening. I crochet and make handicrafts like wood burned items, paintings, drawings, toys, and hand sewn doll clothes for my daughters. The only title I call my spiritual path is Witchcraft, as using magic entwines deeply with the worship of the Gods who call me Their own. My Patron deity is Loki, who has chosen me as His kin.
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