Drum creation

I finally got the chance to make my first drum. My hands are sore, my fingers are cut and nicked, rubbed raw and I smell of wet leather, hemp, and rawhide.

I had cut leather and soaked it, and added into the soaking bowl a rawhide dog toy. I thought the rawhide could be cut into strips and used to lace the drum. After 2 days of waiting, I got the chance to put everything together sitting on the kitchen floor, with my supplies on a pirate towel and my 3 month old in her bouncy seat. I sang to her as I worked, welcoming my drum into life with music, even though she got cranky part way through and needed Daddy cuddles.

I started by wringing out the leather circle, stretching it in my hands in every direction, massaging it, warming it to be ready for my work. I then used scissors to cut apart the rawhide. I tried to thread the rawhide through the holes I had punched into the circumference of the leather, but each strip was too wide/thick, their length was barely long enough to stretch across the drum frame too.

So I set aside the strips, and asked my husband to get me my hemp rope spool.

I soaked a long piece in the bowl of warm water, and tried threading it through a large metal embroidery needle. It didn’t work. I tried slicing the lacing holes bigger with my tools, and was able to start lacing up the skin onto the frame. 

I started with the pattern indicated by the online tutorials, but I quickly learned that not all the holes could be used. So I just laced using my intuition, and soon a vague spiderweb pattern emerged. I kept knotting and weaving in more lengths of soaked hemp rope until I reached the end of the holes I could reach. I used some of the rawhide strips to secure the crisscrossed strands in the middle, and created a round handle by knotting and twisting the rawhide.

After using 3 strips of rawhide I called it quits, and hung the drum up on a loop of hemp. I softly touched my drum one last time, and left it to rest and dry. My next step is using a white sage smudge stick to cleanse and bless it, painting the skin, hanging charms on the lacing or frame, and consecrating the drum before I play it for the first time. When I play it for the first time, then I will find out its name.

I also found out that my scissors are remarkably good at slicing into my fingertips, but I didn’t notice that I had spilled blood until I was done. But the sacrifice of these injuries are worth it, knowing that I created my own musical instrument through hard work and following my intuition. Adding my blood to it has only bonded the drum to me more. While I wait for it to dry, I will continue to work on sewing together the bag for my collection and working out what They are saying to me. I also want to make a bag for my drum, but I don’t know exactly how that will look just yet.

About darkbookworm13

I am a proud mom to 3 beautiful girls, and married to the love of my life. I have been a practicing Witch since the summer of 2003, having studied many different paths over the years, ranging from Wicca, Goddess only worship (courtesy of StarHawk), Eclectic Paganism, Kitchen Witchcraft, Norse Paganism, Hearthcraft, Spiritual Luciferianism, and more. I have worked with the Futhark runes, Brian Froud's Faeries Oracle deck, Tarot decks, and I am currently working on a customized divination set based on collected items. I like to work with herbs, and gardening. I crochet and make handicrafts like wood burned items, paintings, drawings, toys, and hand sewn doll clothes for my daughters. The only title I call my spiritual path is Witchcraft, as using magic entwines deeply with the worship of the Gods who call me Their own. My Patron deity is Loki, who has chosen me as His kin.
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2 Responses to Drum creation

  1. Now, when are you going to make that stand-up bass so we can get this grooving?

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