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pumpkincupcakes: bioticprincess: lildeadlymeesh: natashavc: HEY! OHIO JUST PASSED SOME INSANE ANTI-ABORTION LEGISLATION TONIGHT: -Physicians providing abortions are not allowed admittance to public hospitals. -Fetal pain must be described to the woman at all stages of pregnancy. -Doctors must tell women … Continue reading

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Drum Artwork

I finally got time for painting my drum, and wanted to share the pictures I took. My creative time was punctuated by Crows calling from the trees above me, and a tiny Grasshopper appeared on my foot to inspect my … Continue reading

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Muscles aching, mind fatigued. Breathless yearning, lethargy gripping. Seeking rest, finding weariness Thunder rolls, Rain patters. I breathe in the smell of life. Stepping out, reaching above. Cold blessings pour down. Echoing thunder, rain quenches. Drumming pulse, spirit rejoices. I … Continue reading

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Crafty Stuff and Pictures (finally)

To commemorate my 50th post, I wanted to share some of what I have been up to, instead of only talking about it. Our memory card adapter had walked off awhile ago, and I finally got to borrow my sister’s … Continue reading

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When praying I talk to Loki first, thanking Him for the blessings I have in my life, and the ability to enjoy the Chaos He has introduced. When placing offerings of food or drink I hail Loki, and His family … Continue reading

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A day in devotion and life

I have noticed several people whose blogs and articles that I enjoy sharing their daily devotions or a peek into their lives honoring their Gods. I want to share my own practice, but be prepared because for the most part … Continue reading

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Liebster Award – Who me?

First of all I want to thank Charlotte at for electing me for the Liebster Award, I am thankful and surprised that I was someone she chose as worthy of this award. Thank you Charlotte, you choosing me is both flattering … Continue reading

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Offerings, a change of appearance, and projects worked on

Yesterday marked the first day of June, which in the past marked painful past memories and sorrow. Now I have made the changes for it to be a joyful, muggy, productive month. I had felt the nudge from Loki to … Continue reading

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A bony mistake >_<

I had posted awhile back about being gifted a skull by my sister, but sadly the end result is a ruined skull so brittle that it crumbles under the lightest of touches. My sister found what she called a Raccoon … Continue reading

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