-Physicians providing abortions are not allowed admittance to public hospitals.

-Fetal pain must be described to the woman at all stages of pregnancy.

-Doctors must tell women how much money they make from performing abortions.

-Ultrasounds include visual description if woman refuses to view image; no rape exemption

-Mandatory wait-time doubled

There’s more, equally horrifying. I wrote about it for you here. Gov. Kasich has until 11:59 pm on Sunday to line-item veto any or all of these restrictions. He probably won’t.

(image via this young lady)

Oh fuck. There is more to this.


This is a HUGE issue and was completely overshadowed by the events in Texas. As a citizen of Ohio, I’m begging for you guys to help.

In case the above facts don’t convince you about how lacking and awful the state government is here, check these facts:

If a woman wants an abortion in Ohio, she MUST get STATE DIRECTEDcounseling that includes the counselor discouraging her from having an abortion. In addition, she has to wait 24 hours before that and having the abortion. The counseling has to be in person.

But wait, there’s more.

New plans under our health care reform only cover abortion in cases where the woman is endangered. This means the plans are available in cases of rape and incest only. The same goes for insurance coverage in abortion coverage.

Since the counseling is state directed and evaluated, and there is a very specific and purposefully tight set of restrictions on the legality of abortions, the state has way too much control over the procedure itself. If a clinic or particular doctor don’t follow these tight rules exactly, they can be charged with manslaughter. 

What the fuck is this shit

Wow, holy batcrap crazy Batman…

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