Loki day 13

Today I mostly spent time with my girls while my husband worked, and attended a birthday party for my sister G, even being around blood relations wasn’t too big of a challenge, it was just exhausting keeping up with my girls so they weren’t yelled at for no reason.

I gifted my brother his beads, which made him immediately felt better, smiling, relaxed, and protected from the ranting, meaningless badgering, and negativity filling the house. I used a polished onyx stone in my pocket and my mini strand of beads to detox, and once we left I pulled energy from the night outside our home to wash everything away.

I plan on making myself a more heavy-duty bead set as soon as I can, I am noticing I need it more and more. Loki has been very helpful in picking out the beads.


Sleep now though, good night my fellow bloggers.

About darkbookworm13

I am a proud mom to 3 beautiful girls, and married to the love of my life. I have been a practicing Witch since the summer of 2003, having studied many different paths over the years, ranging from Wicca, Goddess only worship (courtesy of StarHawk), Eclectic Paganism, Kitchen Witchcraft, Norse Paganism, Hearthcraft, Spiritual Luciferianism, and more. I have worked with the Futhark runes, Brian Froud's Faeries Oracle deck, Tarot decks, and I am currently working on a customized divination set based on collected items. I like to work with herbs, and gardening. I crochet and make handicrafts like wood burned items, paintings, drawings, toys, and hand sewn doll clothes for my daughters. The only title I call my spiritual path is Witchcraft, as using magic entwines deeply with the worship of the Gods who call me Their own. My Patron deity is Loki, who has chosen me as His kin.
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