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Health misadventures, dreams, and stuff

Life has taken some interesting twists lately, mostly into “Am-I-going-to-die-ville” with stops at the ER mingled with increased insomnia, panic attacks, counselling, odd dreams I cannot remember when I wake up, and my first attempt to start a fiction story. … Continue reading

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Jewelry update

A closer look at the broken pieces show some signs that perhaps the creator didn’t glue things together as they should have. The glue is peeling out of the metal frame in thin, discolored (a greyish yellow that looks sort … Continue reading

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Broken Jewelry

Today I have been struggling with a bit of a funk that set in last night as I lay down to sleep. I discovered that my Amethyst apple pendant that my husband bought me for Yule in 2010 broke apart. … Continue reading

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supermattural: tastefullyoffensive: [via] i have been laughing at this for 10 minutes Oh my Gods I can’t stop watching this!

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featherandmoss: forestferncreations: Working on tree species antler sets with corresponding identification charts 🙂 Adorable. I ❤ these, I love the different trees!

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fpti: earlygr4ves: i walked into health and screamed and the teacher goes “you’re the 7th person today. they’re cpr dummies.” jesus christ No, they are mistaken, those are actually secret hell spawn that drink our fear O_O

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caffeinatedfeminist: zennasp00kia: This little mister was found hiding under my car on the 8th of October. It took a bit of doing, but we got him inside, eating, and out of the cold, but I unfortunately cannot keep him. He … Continue reading

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Anniversary of loss

This post was in the works last night, but my web browser kept crashing, so many times in fact, that I took it as a sign I should wait to post this. Yesterday was the 18th anniversary of my Granny … Continue reading

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thegreenwolf: ~*~*~*THE ANIMAL MAGIC SPECIAL GIVEAWAY!*~*~*! So as of today I am fully self-employed again, after spending the summer balancing a day job as a counselor, and keeping up my art and writing the rest of the time. To celebrate … Continue reading

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This afternoon I lay down with my youngest for a quick nap after a busy day with everyone. I remember waking up twice during this time, only to keep dreaming regardless. I was visiting a large white farmhouse with an … Continue reading

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