The return of our internet connection

We had to cancel our internet connection about a month ago, but not having it was torture, it felt as though our world shrank into a tiny bubble. We couldn’t reliably check the weather, I couldn’t access my online college classes easily, and both my husband and I felt the strain of the lack of internet…

But it is finally back (courtesy of college money), and now we can enjoy the luxuries of a world-wide connection again.

I also get to buy a few books that have caught my eye with the disbursement money, I feel called to two books by Lupa Greenwolf, the Skin Spirits book, and the DIY Totemism book. Both have been attracting my attention over and over, so I want to explore the ideas she has written about.

The other books I want to get are Wightridden, the Pathwalker’s Guide, Wyrdwalkers by Raven Kaldera.

I have been rereading the Jotunbok during my spare time, not only to learn more about the Jotnar, but also because the idea that Jotuns are infusing human bloodlines with Their DNA really speaks to me. He discusses these theories in the beginning, and I keep going back to whether or not I have Jotun-bloodlines myself. 

So far, I am sensing a “Yes”, but I still haven’t worked out Who I am related to yet, aside from Loki.

About darkbookworm13

I am a proud mom to 3 beautiful girls, and married to the love of my life. I have been a practicing Witch since the summer of 2003, having studied many different paths over the years, ranging from Wicca, Goddess only worship (courtesy of StarHawk), Eclectic Paganism, Kitchen Witchcraft, Norse Paganism, Hearthcraft, Spiritual Luciferianism, and more. I have worked with the Futhark runes, Brian Froud's Faeries Oracle deck, Tarot decks, and I am currently working on a customized divination set based on collected items. I like to work with herbs, and gardening. I crochet and make handicrafts like wood burned items, paintings, drawings, toys, and hand sewn doll clothes for my daughters. The only title I call my spiritual path is Witchcraft, as using magic entwines deeply with the worship of the Gods who call me Their own. My Patron deity is Loki, who has chosen me as His kin.
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2 Responses to The return of our internet connection

  1. moonfire says:

    I’ve been wanting to read the Jotun book and Neolithic Shamanism myself. Wyrdwalkers sounds really fascinating too. I wonder if the Asgardians and other Nine-World races have a similar agenda of intermixing with our race to some divine/greater purpose. Welcome back. I was wondering where you’d gone. I miss reading your writings.

    • Thank you, between college responsibilities and everything else, my time to write anything evaporated completely. I am glad to be back, and can’t wait to share more about my path.

      I would heartily recommend the Jotunbok, I am finding new information and lessons every time I read it. I ordered two books from Lupa Greenwolf for now, but I intend on buying Wyrdwalkers and Neolithic Shamanism soon.

      I also want to buy Wightridden because it fits so well with where my Path is leading me next, especially the sacred drumming and trance-work. I just recently reached the point where I could go into a trance easily, which was both scary and exciting.

      I can’t wait to share more, as well as sharing more about my drum Savoh, I have been adding charms and items to her lately, and drumming as often as I can.

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