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Self-Harm Trigger Warning: Brace yourself, I’m pissed off and anxious now…

My mother just messaged me online to let me know my youngest brother is currently going through a mental health crisis, and threatening self-harm. After telling me that he had never gotten over his ex-girlfriend’s suicide attempt, and couldn’t be … Continue reading

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My green babies

Nature has been luring me away from posting much lately, but I have lots of plant babies to show off, so that will help in my blog’s separation anxiety… The only plant I forgot to get a picture of was … Continue reading

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So a monthly visitor walks into a bar…

And holds up the whole place at gun-point demanding all of the booze, salty foods, chocolate, and cinnamon gum that they can find… Quelling my inner rage-murder-screaming is difficult, I haven’t had my period in about 4 years (all the … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day Papa Flamehair

I lack my usual eloquence today when I think about our bond, and all You have done in my life. All I can say is thank you Papa, and I love you. Happy Father’s Day.

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Pain, pain, go away…

Leave my innards alone for forever and a day… Today’s letters are brought to you today by F and U, and by the number 12… My insides feel twisted, scrunched, and raw, and nothing I have tried has helped in … Continue reading

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I feel as though I have been through the ringer these past few days. I hadn’t known what to write lately, it feels as though I had a dial inside my head that was turned from my Lokean and Spirit channel to … Continue reading

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Ranty ranty pissed off post…

This bothers me. Whenever I see this, it gets my hackles up, so brace yourselves, profanities and ranting is on its way… This meme is fucking bullshit. I hate how it places the onus of cleansing on Empaths, stating that … Continue reading

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Cats, our fickle companion

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This is how our cat Missy acts with my husband every night… Except with less sparklers, and more laser pointers.

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Tarot info

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heraslions: What a good resource for beginners at tarot!! I love Gru as the Moon card.

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answersfromvanaheim: I want the Sacred Isle Tarot so badly but my gods that price~ (It works out to about $91 CDN. This is why I hate so many indy decks. They tempt me with their pretty art and make me … Continue reading

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