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The Cost of Outing Pagans in the Bible Belt

Sharing this to aid a wonderful witchy lady and her family during a time of great stress and pain.

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Ares in Chains

Originally posted on Aspis of Ares:
One of the things that I think is important to discuss in the onus of the recent sexual abuse allegations within the pagan community is the theological importance we levy to our gods. Sannion…

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A deal with the Devil

In my past, there was a time where I became so abused with Christianity that I went in the other direction. The motto “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” resonated with me then, and still does now. I … Continue reading

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Health misadventures, dreams, and stuff

Life has taken some interesting twists lately, mostly into “Am-I-going-to-die-ville” with stops at the ER mingled with increased insomnia, panic attacks, counselling, odd dreams I cannot remember when I wake up, and my first attempt to start a fiction story. … Continue reading

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Corridors of Madness

Last night I was triggered for the first time in a long time into a spiral of memories about my past. I lay next to my husband to try and get some cuddles and rest before my nursling awoke again, … Continue reading

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Asking for help

I have wrestled with my health and physical limits for so long, I had forgotten how to ask for help when I need it. I feel discouraged and frustrated because my body cannot perform as it is supposed to, and … Continue reading

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Today pt. 2

Today has been a chaotic day topped with heaping piles of stress and fury rolled into a messy pile of shit. My eldest daughter sees a counselor for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and told her counselor this morning that my ex … Continue reading

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Loki day 5

Today’s offering for Loki have been buzzing around in my head, all dislodged by talking with my youngest brother last night. Settling on something to do for Loki is impossible, at least for now. He confessed to me that he … Continue reading

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That time of year again

In my family it is the wonderfully cheerful time of year known as Mother’s Day. With my husband and children it is a relaxing day of a few gifts, cuddles and lots of love. With my parents and siblings, however, … Continue reading

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Ok, I have been doing my best not to become political on this blog, I vote on what I believe in, sign petitions, and try to keep up on the important issues, but I am tired. These recent gun related … Continue reading

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