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Holy terror, and pieces falling into place…

I have had very strange dreams for the past few weeks, ever since I purchased my iron claw charms. Some images still stick with me, as well as a cold laughter echoing in my mind. The closest to the laughter … Continue reading

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Sleeping unrestfully

Sleep and I have a love/hate relationship, from as far back as I can remember I have struggled to enjoy sleeping. I sought medical help about two years ago, and in seeking a doctor to explain why I felt this … Continue reading

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Health misadventures, dreams, and stuff

Life has taken some interesting twists lately, mostly into “Am-I-going-to-die-ville” with stops at the ER mingled with increased insomnia, panic attacks, counselling, odd dreams I cannot remember when I wake up, and my first attempt to start a fiction story. … Continue reading

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This afternoon I lay down with my youngest for a quick nap after a busy day with everyone. I remember waking up twice during this time, only to keep dreaming regardless. I was visiting a large white farmhouse with an … Continue reading

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Things in our house has been a bit busy for lack of a better term. Chaos, insanity, head-splitting tantrums (the kids, not me, as much as I wanted to throw one myself), the change in weather causing everyone to be gunky … Continue reading

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Old Dreams

I have had a very specific dream follow me through my life, one that haunted me by hiding it’s true meanings, causing me to awaken screaming in terror and trying to run, only to feel as if my legs were … Continue reading

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Horses on my mind

Ever since I had the dream about the Horse God, I can’t get horses off my mind. I am thinking about them constantly, imagining riding one, dreaming of them, and seeing toy horses I forgot we had all over the … Continue reading

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Nap time dream

My dream was about two ancient tribes of people. My own, who worshiped horses, and played music such as drums to honor our God. I remember spinning in a circle to a drum beat that sounded sort of like hoof … Continue reading

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A Realization

I lay down after a long day, closing my eyes in an attempt to fall asleep, when suddenly a vision begins to roll like a film reel behind my closed lids. I stand in an dusty, darkened room littered with … Continue reading

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My Spiritual Surgery Dream

It started off with me being wheeled into surgery for another child, the bright lights blinded me as if to confess unknown answers. As the gurney arrived in the room for the operation, I realized I wasn’t pregnant, but it … Continue reading

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