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Cats, our fickle companion

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This is how our cat Missy acts with my husband every night… Except with less sparklers, and more laser pointers.

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Witchy walkies?

drxgonfly: Path to Mount Doom (by Deej6) I guess one can simply walk into Mordor…

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Addams family

wereallalittle-mad: zazzybuttcheeks: plur-panda: aw shit get it wednesday HA! I almost forgot to reblog this today  Every Wednesday from now on. Its wednesday yo this never comes on my dash at the right time anymore 😦 i think i went … Continue reading

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Star Wars comic

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shorelle: star wars pirate AU a.k.a. “pirates of the kessel run: curse of the millenium pearl” so I was listening to Davy Jones’ theme for hours, and went “hey this reminds me of a sad, nautical mash-up of Across the Stars … Continue reading

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sigilmilk: raspbeary: baby baphomet doing some work around the house gpoy because my floors are dirty as fuck Eeeeee, I want a stuffie of this, or maybe a tattoo… So cute!

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Just feeling mehness

College classes are grinding along with the finality of a lively funeral march, some are enjoyable, others make me wish I could gouge out my professor’s eyes with a Tacobell spork. I just had to write out a Short Fiction … Continue reading

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Gloriously 80% better

I have returned from my recent jaunt through an URI at about 80% back to normal. I only have a residual cough, and my head no longer feels like a leaky wound wrapped in soggy wool. On a side note, … Continue reading

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Loki day 20

Today I have been turning an idea over in my head that is sort of a geeky thoughts added to my beliefs. So bear with me, as I try to sort it out. Loki has been a parental figure for … Continue reading

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Gardening and other adventures in yard work…

I have learned that I have become soft in my winter-long break from the outdoors. I also learned that I need a hat for any yard work, or a much shorter haircut, because long, flowing tresses only get yanked on … Continue reading

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Originally posted on "The Lokean":
Created by Bryon Morrigan So it appears my friend Bryon Morrigan has created a meme- or a meme was created for him, I do not know.  Either way, this seems to be relevant…

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