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Month for Loki: Day 3

I wasn’t able to do a post yesterday due to being laid up in the ER for slipping on some spilled water at our local Walmart and pulling muscles all along my right side. Thankfully nothing is broken, but walking … Continue reading

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Pain, pain, go away…

Leave my innards alone for forever and a day… Today’s letters are brought to you today by F and U, and by the number 12… My insides feel twisted, scrunched, and raw, and nothing I have tried has helped in … Continue reading

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Medication changes and feeling drunk >_<

I was prescribed a new anti-anxiety medication called Hydroxizine, and boy does it pack a punch. It is supposed to be a PRN dosage, and I am allowed to take 2 capsules at bedtime to help me sleep. I took … Continue reading

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