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Self-Harm Trigger Warning: Brace yourself, I’m pissed off and anxious now…

My mother just messaged me online to let me know my youngest brother is currently going through a mental health crisis, and threatening self-harm. After telling me that he had never gotten over his ex-girlfriend’s suicide attempt, and couldn’t be … Continue reading

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Pain, pain, go away…

Leave my innards alone for forever and a day… Today’s letters are brought to you today by F and U, and by the number 12… My insides feel twisted, scrunched, and raw, and nothing I have tried has helped in … Continue reading

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Ranty ranty pissed off post…

This bothers me. Whenever I see this, it gets my hackles up, so brace yourselves, profanities and ranting is on its way… This meme is fucking bullshit. I hate how it places the onus of cleansing on Empaths, stating that … Continue reading

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Just feeling mehness

College classes are grinding along with the finality of a lively funeral march, some are enjoyable, others make me wish I could gouge out my professor’s eyes with a Tacobell spork. I just had to write out a Short Fiction … Continue reading

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I has a sad…

My wonderful husband ordered me the two books I mentioned in another post for Valentine’s Day, DIY Totemism and Skin Spirits by Lupa Greenwolf, and they were supposed to arrive on Saturday. Due to the weather and the holiday Monday, … Continue reading

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Things in our house has been a bit busy for lack of a better term. Chaos, insanity, head-splitting tantrums (the kids, not me, as much as I wanted to throw one myself), the change in weather causing everyone to be gunky … Continue reading

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Banging my head against a wall

I have had a difficult time in finding time to write, but it is mostly due to the struggles I am having with my eldest daughter. Yesterday we ended up in the local ER because she stepped on broken glass … Continue reading

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That time of year again

In my family it is the wonderfully cheerful time of year known as Mother’s Day. With my husband and children it is a relaxing day of a few gifts, cuddles and lots of love. With my parents and siblings, however, … Continue reading

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Ok, I have been doing my best not to become political on this blog, I vote on what I believe in, sign petitions, and try to keep up on the important issues, but I am tired. These recent gun related … Continue reading

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A rant type post mingled with UPG

After my epiphany vision of how I had become twisted into a blinded creature of habit, unable to see that I needed to forge my own path, I have set out to change how I do things. I previously spent … Continue reading

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