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Gnosis, journaling, and more…

This is all transcribed over from a spiral ring notebook that I started using when I was unable to sit to use my laptop. Being laid-up with this back injury sucks so much. I feel as though I am shackled … Continue reading

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Just feeling mehness

College classes are grinding along with the finality of a lively funeral march, some are enjoyable, others make me wish I could gouge out my professor’s eyes with a Tacobell spork. I just had to write out a Short Fiction … Continue reading

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My books have arrived!

They arrived today in the mail, my husband heard a noise at the door and boom, there they were. I had left to work on homework at my folk’s house, but he texted me to let me know they arrived … Continue reading

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Memories of the Ocean

I was reading more of the Jotunbok during a moment I slunk away to use the bathroom, and got to read about Aegir and His wife Ran, and Their nine daughters: Kolga, the Cold One, Duva, the Hidden One,Blodughadda the … Continue reading

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Loki day 25

Today has been a both hectic and enjoyable. We had to drive to the next town for a med clinic appointment for our eldest daughter, and then got to enjoy a nice day out with our family. We had lunch, … Continue reading

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Loki day 21

I had struggled to think of a topic to write about today, but landed on an unexpected idea while looking at a pantheon of Gods I knew little about. The ancient Egyptian ones, specifically Isis had intrigued me after talking … Continue reading

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Loki day 19

Yesterday was a crazy day, and it ended in our CO2 detector going off like crazy, requiring us to call the local fire department to get the house checked over. Everything was fine, but the firefighter left with a huge … Continue reading

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