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Ares in Chains

Originally posted on Aspis of Ares:
One of the things that I think is important to discuss in the onus of the recent sexual abuse allegations within the pagan community is the theological importance we levy to our gods. Sannion…

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College, time management, and spirituality

I am officially in college once again, and so far *knock on wood* the classes are going well, and are an enjoyable challenge. The only major struggle is how to budget in time for anything spiritual or magical. I find myself … Continue reading

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Crafty Stuff and Pictures (finally)

To commemorate my 50th post, I wanted to share some of what I have been up to, instead of only talking about it. Our memory card adapter had walked off awhile ago, and I finally got to borrow my sister’s … Continue reading

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Offerings, a change of appearance, and projects worked on

Yesterday marked the first day of June, which in the past marked painful past memories and sorrow. Now I have made the changes for it to be a joyful, muggy, productive month. I had felt the nudge from Loki to … Continue reading

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Spell Jar

I realized that even though I call upon Magic to do certain things, I haven’t shared many ways in which I do that. Tonight was the last straw with a blood relative, and after an uncomfortable visit I created a … Continue reading

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