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College, time management, and spirituality

I am officially in college once again, and so far *knock on wood* the classes are going well, and are an enjoyable challenge. The only major struggle is how to budget in time for anything spiritual or magical. I find myself … Continue reading

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Holidays, craziness, and music

These past few days have been a little hectic, and yesterday we had a post-Christmas get-together with my folks. All things considered, the visit went really well. The girls got lots of presents, some candy, books, and delicious food. My … Continue reading

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Yule 2013

This is the first year I have really been able to celebrate the Winter Solstice with my family, and it was a humble affair with just us, and the Spirits we left offerings for. I had help cleaning up some … Continue reading

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Along the branching path, a new perspective

I haven’t had much time to write out many of the ideas or thoughts that revolve around in my mind all day long, but it feels like I am going through some rather strange pulls, pushes, and tugs into new … Continue reading

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A deal with the Devil

In my past, there was a time where I became so abused with Christianity that I went in the other direction. The motto “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” resonated with me then, and still does now. I … Continue reading

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Broken Jewelry

Today I have been struggling with a bit of a funk that set in last night as I lay down to sleep. I discovered that my Amethyst apple pendant that my husband bought me for Yule in 2010 broke apart. … Continue reading

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Late night thoughts

In the aftermath of my husband working and fussy kids, I tried to ground myself at bedtime by tucking my former beads under my pillow, and a polished piece of petrified wood that I have had since I was a … Continue reading

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Turning a new corner (well sort of)

After my Month for Loki I felt empty, lacking any words or thoughts that I wanted to share. I tried naps, resting, reading my copy of Jotunbok, but it all slid off me like oily water. Not the best imagery, … Continue reading

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Loki day 31

This past month of honoring Loki has been eye-opening, I have come to realize that until I started this blog, and made myself take the time to focus on this, I had never truly put my money where my mouth … Continue reading

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Loki day 25

Today has been a both hectic and enjoyable. We had to drive to the next town for a med clinic appointment for our eldest daughter, and then got to enjoy a nice day out with our family. We had lunch, … Continue reading

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