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godbless-st-cyr: This website is made up of killers A compilation of my favourite ‘we’re all killers’ posts. This made me laugh, especially the bone marrow one… The things you learn from the internet…

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partybarackisinthehousetonight: please. stop praying for my grandpa!!!! you are making him too strong. he broke out of the hospital and the cops cant get him. he’s too powerful I can’t stop laughing about this. My mind is imagining the doctors … Continue reading

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To prove my dad wrong. reblog if you are under the age of 30.

noblesseprime: platypus-in-a-coffin: ivegotacondition: bluemm14: my dad thinks you’re all 50 year old sexual predators or something… Reblogging again just for that gif. Same here too funny, I couldn’t resist reblogging it.

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