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Sooo, here I am again. Still alive.

Yea, I can’t say I forgot that I had this blog, considering how much of my time it has consumed in the past. However, I just couldn’t bring myself to want to write here. My internal anxieties aside, I felt as though … Continue reading

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answersfromvanaheim: I want the Sacred Isle Tarot so badly but my gods that price~ (It works out to about $91 CDN. This is why I hate so many indy decks. They tempt me with their pretty art and make me … Continue reading

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Tarot pretties

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v171: So I have always wanted to get a tarot deck, but most of the options were just overwhelming when I would go to the voodoo shops. But considering I am moving soon, I wanted to actually sit down and … Continue reading

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Still Alive!

So yeah…. I finished my college semester Monday, and have been sort of regrouping and whatnot since. I checked my grades, and thus far I have a B, and 3 pending final grades. I know I am passing Math, and … Continue reading

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Holidays, craziness, and music

These past few days have been a little hectic, and yesterday we had a post-Christmas get-together with my folks. All things considered, the visit went really well. The girls got lots of presents, some candy, books, and delicious food. My … Continue reading

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New craftiness

Last night I found an old unfinished project that was supposed to be a hand bound book, but it had lain forgotten in a bin with fabric scraps partly finished. I had stripped the cover off a leather bound journal, … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Tarot

Over the past 9 years that I have been studying various magical/Pagan based subjects, I kept being drawn over and over to the practice of Divination, first Tarot cards, then the Futhark Runes, Faeries Oracle cards, back to Tarot cards, … Continue reading

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