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Cats, our fickle companion

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This is how our cat Missy acts with my husband every night… Except with less sparklers, and more laser pointers.

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Witchy walkies?

drxgonfly: Path to Mount Doom (by Deej6) I guess one can simply walk into Mordor…

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Addams family

wereallalittle-mad: zazzybuttcheeks: plur-panda: aw shit get it wednesday HA! I almost forgot to reblog this today  Every Wednesday from now on. Its wednesday yo this never comes on my dash at the right time anymore 😦 i think i went … Continue reading

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Star Wars comic

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shorelle: star wars pirate AU a.k.a. “pirates of the kessel run: curse of the millenium pearl” so I was listening to Davy Jones’ theme for hours, and went “hey this reminds me of a sad, nautical mash-up of Across the Stars … Continue reading

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sigilmilk: raspbeary: baby baphomet doing some work around the house gpoy because my floors are dirty as fuck Eeeeee, I want a stuffie of this, or maybe a tattoo… So cute!

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Please write a tutorial on how to put on socks. I need this for science.

glegrumbles: Obtain suitable fabric tubes for one’s limbs. This can be achieved by making noise at humans running shops with said tubes and shoving legal currency towards their faces while making approving noises, or by taking long strings of animal … Continue reading

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Just feeling mehness

College classes are grinding along with the finality of a lively funeral march, some are enjoyable, others make me wish I could gouge out my professor’s eyes with a Tacobell spork. I just had to write out a Short Fiction … Continue reading

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louyouwhore: i look away for 2 seconds and Wait, what? I feel like I missed something…

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Gloriously 80% better

I have returned from my recent jaunt through an URI at about 80% back to normal. I only have a residual cough, and my head no longer feels like a leaky wound wrapped in soggy wool. On a side note, … Continue reading

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Loki day 20

Today I have been turning an idea over in my head that is sort of a geeky thoughts added to my beliefs. So bear with me, as I try to sort it out. Loki has been a parental figure for … Continue reading

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