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Stuff and a possible flu virus

I am feeling really under the weather today, but didn’t want my writing to languish more than it already has been. I started a blog post last week about a really hectic day with the kids, followed by a heavy … Continue reading

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Loki Carols Take 1

What God is this Who lay to rest On Sigyn’s lap while weeping Whom earthquakes herald in painful noise With Serpent’s watch is keeping So bring Him coffee, rum and sweets Come humankind to honor Him Laufey’s son your freedom … Continue reading

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Loki day 6

Today I awoke feeling angry, so angry in fact that I had to make sure I checked my emotional response before any interactions with my family. I don’t remember any dreams, but I woke up feeling a fury completely out … Continue reading

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Amazing Music

I haven’t had much time to do anything these days aside from sewing my collection’s bag, and caring for my family, but this music video came up in my newsfeed on Facebook… I am hooked, I can’t stop listening to … Continue reading

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Drum creation

I finally got the chance to make my first drum. My hands are sore, my fingers are cut and nicked, rubbed raw and I smell of wet leather, hemp, and rawhide. I had cut leather and soaked it, and added … Continue reading

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A lesson in patience…

I have been working on a few crafty projects these past few days, and one of them has had be chomping the bit to get on with it, even though it isn’t something I can rush. I have taken the … Continue reading

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Nap time dream

My dream was about two ancient tribes of people. My own, who worshiped horses, and played music such as drums to honor our God. I remember spinning in a circle to a drum beat that sounded sort of like hoof … Continue reading

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Eternity’s Scars 2009

I’m standing on a building face, Watching all the traffic below. What am I doing up here tonight? What is it I am trying to show? Yea, you bleed to be real… You scream to be real… You fall to … Continue reading

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s-o-u-l-f-l-o-w-e-r: :o) WANT!!!

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adracir-egnal: Nature sounds player. Mix your own compositions of various nature sounds and listen to them for free For everybody who enjoys the sounds of nature. I just found this yesterday in a forum called The Crooked Cauldron, I have … Continue reading

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