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Why silver ravenwolf why not off-white pigeoncorgi

nornoriel: spirits-influenza: nornoriel: SOMEBODY CALL AN AMBULANCE, I THINK I AM DYING OF LOLZ oh my gods my fuckin insides Every note that this post gets will be another year I am laughing at this.  I think this is legit … Continue reading

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featherandmoss: forestferncreations: Working on tree species antler sets with corresponding identification charts 🙂 Adorable. I ❤ these, I love the different trees!

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elvenabear: hedgeandherbs: savannahhorrocks: I painted this yesterday (although I had been chipping away at the concept for longer) as a last minute entry for the Ghost Book. I didn’t get in, but that’s fine :3 I’m a little disappointed – but part … Continue reading

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littlefaerylizzy: lokinne: Bottle Shrines-Amulets Time: Loki’s Sons & Daughters English Translation: Bottle 1: Eira and Einmyria. (Ei, E, Both) x1 Small Bottle with cork. x1 Obsidian. (Ei) x1 Pumice. (E) x6 Tiny red translucent mineral stones. (B) x1 Little cinnamon … Continue reading

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❤ this, would love to visit. imagine the dreams you would have in the womb of the Earth.

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bookofwisdom: I’d really like to put together a list of ideas and places to take a look at, for those of us looking for ideas. I intend to put my own ideas up, but would love it if other would … Continue reading

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willo-wisp: Found a Roe Deer knife from car boot sale yesterday, supposedly from scandinavia , pretty cool find. That is awesome, want! I’m going to have to brush up on my carving skills now, damnit…

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